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Custom antique mirror design made exactly how you like it. For centuries, people have treasured the look and feel of an antique mirrored surface. It’s time for this beauty to return to your next business project. With a custom antique mirror design from Blue Sky Glass Design, your business space will be transformed into a room like no other. We offer the finest custom antique mirror designs in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll handle every aspect of your order from start to finish and make sure that your design is made just how you like it!

Antique Mirror Designs For Your Business

Designed for your specific project Sturdy and beautiful, antique mirror designs are the perfect piece of decor that will be around for a long time to come. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your office, you can’t go wrong with antique mirror designs. An antique mirror with polished edges will last for decades. We’ll customize a custom antique mirror design exactly how you like it. Get a quote for antique mirror design on our website today. The custom antique mirror with antique finish Fine antique mirror designs can also make for a gorgeous yet functional alternative to a traditional mirror. We’ll design a custom antique mirror that’s functional and refined at the same time. You’ll get a handmade antique mirror that’s eye-catching and unique, perfectly tailored to your office space.

Designing An Antique Mirror

Getting an antique mirror custom-made is an exciting experience! You get to choose from our large inventory of antique mirrors and have them made exactly how you want. You can decide on a frame design and customize it with upholstery and curtains to help your mirror express your business identity. This is your mirror – you get to design it the way you want it! Creating antique mirror designs Our creative team are professional makers of custom antique mirrors. Take a look at our selection of beautiful antique designs and find the design that suits you best. Here at Blue Sky Glass Design, we offer the highest quality antique mirror designs, while maintaining a very reasonable price. We make sure that every mirror is done in a very durable and professional manner.

Blue Sky Glass Design

Antique Art Mirrors

  • We make our entire antique and art mirrors (no imports ever)
  • All custom designed from start to finished project.
  • Vintage antique to full design colored mirrors.
  • Bronze and Grey mirrors.
  • Sizes from 4 inch squares to 11 ft panels.
  • All mirror work can be made for any site-specific art project.
  • Safety backing and or tempering can be done on certain applications.